keskiviikko 3. heinäkuuta 2013

PAND vetoaa Israelin hallitukseen: Peruuttakaa päätöksenne estää Palestiinan lasten nukketeatterifestivaali!

PAND yhtyy kansainväliseen vetoomukseen ja vaatii Israelin hallitusta peruuttamaan päätöksen estää palestiinalaisten lasten nukketeatterifestivaalin.

Jokaisella lapsella on oikeus nauttia nukketeatteriesityksistä!

Tässä alkuperäinen vetoomus englanniksi ja linkki jossa vetoomuksen voi allekirjoittaa

We, puppeteers, actors, writers, directors, people of the world, ask to express our strong protest on your decision to forbid and prevent the children festival and puppetry festival activities in 'Elhakawati' theater in east Jerusalem, a festival which was planned by many people who worked on it for months and that could have brought joy to the lives of children which are living in tough conditions. How could it be that activities in the jewish areas of Jerusalem continue as usual, and that Israeli children will be able to see the puppet festival in west Jerusalem while palestinien children will not have a festival?
The state of Israel is neglecting, systematically, the residents of east Jerusalem, adults and children alike. At the same time, it also prevents them from taking care of themselves and violently destroys their efforts and plans.
Your decision to prevent the festival is allegedly based on the claim that it was supported by the Palestinian authorities, a claim which is not based on any evidence, and is denied by the theater's manager. This decision exposes the hypocrisy which characterizes the statements of the Israeli government on its willingness to enter negotiations with the Palestinian authorities: Is the way to build trust towards a negotiation made by preventing the possibility to watch puppet theatre?
We demand an immediate opening of the theatre, and that you allow the children's festival activities to happen as planned, along with all the other activities of this important educational and cultural institution.
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